The purity scale for PRIMAL Homme products.

Le barème de pureté des produits PRIMAL Homme.

Did you just scan the mysterious barcode on the back of your favorite skincare bottle?

So WELCOME to the world of purity!

On each product in our line, we have designed a purity rating scale validated against the requirements of California's Proposition 65 .

This scale is in percentage. 100% being perfect purity, 0% being... avoid!

In order to find you more easily, here is the list of our products and the associated degree of purity:

- Beard serum: 100%

- Beard and hair shampoo: 97%

- Shower gel: 95%

- Styling tonic: 98%

- Seawater: 97%

- Texturizing Powder: 89%

- Low Hold Pomade: 61%

- Fiber Pomade: 83%

- Strong Hold Pomade: 62%

- Matte Clay Pomade: 62%

Why isn't everything 100%? Because there is not yet a natural equivalent for all the components essential to aesthetic and cosmetic products.

And even if it were, you can't take everything from nature, you have to preserve it. Some elements of our mother nature are protected because... in voice of extinction.

Our biggest challenge : the setting agent for strong hold pomades. The so-called "chemical" ingredient does not yet have its natural equivalent that holds the hair so tightly to style it.

Nevermind ! We take our time and it's better that way, it allows us to follow the evolution of Proposition 65 and adapt to new regulations.