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PRIMAL is a 100% Quebec company based in Estrie.
It offers a full range of products for men: hair pomades, body care and beard care, etc.

PRIMAL, a line of Quebec products dedicated to
the man of today, eager to take care of his appearance. Top quality products,
shaped using natural ingredients, the PRIMAL range is revealed to everyone in a sober and clear design. Approach your days by creating your well-being ritual thanks to PRIMAL grooming products, which will become your acolytes
ideal in your daily maintenance routine. Let yourself be carried away on the wave of freshness and soak up the scent of an intoxicating fragrance that will allow you to sail towards a feeling of confidence and assurance.


PRIMAL's mission: to take care of you with healthy and safe ingredients. PRIMAL invests in research and development in order to design products that meet California's Proposition 65 as much as possible, THE benchmark for aesthetic product components. We promise to offer you the most natural ingredients, corresponding to all skin types. Our range is complete. From head to toe, PRIMAL ensures that you find, under one brand, everything you need for your daily routine.


work ethic

Work ethics are the daily behaviors of all our employees. It is therefore the translation of the values ​​of our organization. These values ​​are defined by all of our human resources. With us, each being is respected, surrounded and listened to!

Component transparency

To be natural is to keep it simple, it's Primal. Our transparency is TOTAL, from production to sale. We strive to give you all the information so that you can make the right choice for YOU. Our ingredients are listed with precision and without omission.

Respect for its consumers

You are our passion! Your health, your well-being, your routine inspire us! We want to take care of you to have the feeling of contributing, if only a little bit , to your daily happiness!

Healthy collaboration with its suppliers

By respecting its fundamental values, we work in harmony with our local producers, promoting employment and the economy. We want the brand to be inspired by the finest things our local network has to offer. We work tirelessly in research and development to anticipate the needs of our dear consumers while keeping in mind that they deserve the best: healthy, quality products that are unique in their essence. Just like YOU dear consumers.

Your confidence and your health are our priorities.